Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Culture Business Academy (CBA). You will be able to access various services we offer when you join our website (http://www.culturalinstitute.net). By signing up as a member, you are deemed to agree to be bound by CBA Terms of Service and additional relevant operations.

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1. Purpose
Thank you for using the Services provided by Culture Business Academy. (Hereinafter, the “Company”). Terms and Conditions of the Company prescribes general provisions about the rights, duties and responsibilities, terms of use, and procedures required in use of the service for the users (hereinafter, the “member”).

Article 2. Definition of Terms
(1) The definition of the terms used is as follows:
-‘Member’means a user who agrees to this Terms and Conditions and uses the service.
-“User ID” means a combination of unique letters and numbers that CBA has given to each member in accordance with the member’s application for identification and use of service.
-‘Password’ is a combination of unique letters and numbers registered by the member to verify the identity of the member.
-‘Termination’ means that CBA or member cancels the contract of use.
(2) Any of the terms used in this Terms and Conditions that are not specified in paragraph 1 shall be in accordance with the relevant laws and services and other general practices.

Article 3. The effect and modification of Terms and Conditions
(1) This Terms and Conditions shall be published online through CBA website and will be effective with the consent of the member and the consent of CBA, and if a reasonable reason arises, CBA may amend it to the extent that it is in accordance with the relevant laws. The revised terms and conditions shall take effect by notifying on CBA website.
(2) Members should visit CBA website on a regular basis to check the changes in Terms and Conditions. CBA is not responsible for any damage to members caused by the lack of information about the changed terms.
(3) Members may request to withdraw (terminate) when they do not agree to the changed terms.
Article 4. Non-Term stipulations
CBA may, if necessary, set individual terms or rules (“Service-specific Guidance”) for individual items in the Service, and if there is a conflict between these terms and service-specific guidance, the contents of the service-specific guidance shall be applied first.

Chapter 2 Service Agreement

Article 5. Formation of Agreement
(1) CBA Service agreement shall be established with the consent of the user’s Terms and Conditions and CBA’s consent to accept.
(2) Consent to the Service Agreement shall be expressed by pressing the “I agree” button on the application form at the time of application.

Article 6. (Application for Service)
(1) Users who wish to register as a member and use the service must provide the information requested by CBA (user ID, password, name, contact information, email address, etc.).
(2) All members must provide their own information to use the service, and members who do not register their true information, such as stealing other people’s information or registering false information, cannot claim any rights to use the service and may be punished according to applicable laws and regulations.
(3) Membership can only be registered through your true information, and CBA can check the information registered by the member. Members must actively cooperate with CBA on its verification measures, and if they do not comply, CBA may treat the information registered by the Member as fraudulent.

Article 7. Protection and Use of Personal Information
(1) CBA shall endeavor to protect the personal information of members in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. The protection and use of personal information is governed by applicable laws and regulations and CBA’s Privacy Policy. However, linked sites that are not operated by CBA other than CBA’s official site do not have CBA’s privacy policy. In addition, members must be thoroughly managed to ensure that passwords are not disclosed to others. CBA is not responsible for information disclosed due to reasons attributable to the members.
(2) CBA may provide member’s personal information to third parties to the extent permitted by law in the following cases:
– When requested to provide information from investigative agencies or other government agencies.
– When it is necessary for information protection work such as verification of misconduct, including violation of member’s laws or Terms and Conditions.
– When required by other laws.

Article 8. Approval and limitation of usage request
(1) In principle, CBA shall accept any applicant pursuant to the Article 5 and 6 in accordance with the order of if there is no technical hindrance.
(2) CBA may withhold approval stipulated in the following matters.
– If the user signs up without providing true information of the person.
– When an application is made for the purpose of violating the law or for the purpose of impairing the well-being and order of society and the morals of the public.
– If you wish to use the Service for fraudulent purposes
– If you wish to use the Service for the purpose of pursuing profit
– When a user who has been terminated for violating the law or the terms and conditions
– If you apply for a violation of all other stipulated matters
(3) CBA may postpone accepting the users until the reason for the restriction of approval is resolved in the following cases.
– If CBA cannot afford the facility
– If there is a technical hindrance of CBA
– When it is difficult to accept the users due to other CBA’s fault
(4) CBA may withhold approval stipulated in the service-specific guidance if the customer is a minor as prescribed by the relevant laws andregulations.
(5) CBA may withdraw the acceptance if the reasons for the above paragraph 2 are found after the completion of the registration process.

Article 9. User ID grant and change, etc.
(1) CBA shall grant the member a user ID as prescribed in Terms and Conditions.
(2) In principle, the user ID cannot be changed, and if it is intended to be changed due to unavoidable reasons, the user ID must be revoked and re-registered.
(3) The user ID of CBA website may be associated with the member ID of the site operated by CBA or CBA with the consent of the member.
(4) The user’s ID may be changed or suspended at the request of the member or by director’s authority if the following applies.
– When the user ID is registered as a phone number and there is a concern for invasion of privacy.
– Disgusted with others or violating public morals.
– If there is a concern of misunderstanding such as it shares the same name of the service of CBA, CBA, or the service operator.
– If there are other reasonable reasons
(5) The member is responsible for the management of the user’s ID and password. The member is responsible for any damages to the use of the service or the use of fraud by a third party, and CBA shall not be held responsible.
(6) Other matters relating to the management and change of member personal information shall be determined by the service guidance.

Chapter 3 Obligation of Contracting Parties

Article 10. Obligation of CBA
(1) CBA shall make the service available to the member if there are no special circumstances on the date of the commencement of the service she or he wishes.
(2) CBA repairs the facility in the event of a failure or loss of service in order to provide continuous and reliable service, unless there is an unavoidable reason.
(3) CBA have established security systems for privacy and publish and comply with the Privacy Policy.
(4) When the opinions or complaints raised by members are objectively acknowledged as justified, CBAs shall take appropriate steps and deal with them immediately. However, if it is difficult to process immediately, the member should be notified of the reason and the schedule of processing.

Article 11. Obligation of the Members
(1) When applying for membership or changing member information, the member shall complete all matters based on facts and create his or her true information, and cannot claim any rights related to false or other people’s information.
(2) Members shall comply with the provisions set forth in Terms and Conditions and other regulations set forth by CBA, notices, and related laws and regulations, and shall not engage in any other acts that interfere with the work of CBA, defamatory acts of the CBA, or harm others.
(3) Members should immediately notify CBA through the relevant procedures in the event of changes in the use agreement, such as contact information, address, e-mail address, etc.
(4) Members cannot use the service to conduct business activities without the prior approval of CBA, and CBA shall not be held responsible for the results of his or her business activities. In addition, if CBA is damaged by such business activities, the Member shall be liable for damages to the CBA, and CBA may claim damages for the member through the restriction of service and due process.
(5) The member cannot transfer or give the right to use the service, other contractual position under the contract of use, and cannot provide it as collateral unless expressly consented by CBA.
(6) Members shall not infringe on all rights, including intellectual property rights of CBA and third parties, or engage in acts under Article18.

Chapter 4 Use of Services

Article 12. Service Hours
(1) The use of the service shall be operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unless there is any special disruption to CBA’s business or technology. However, CBA may suspend the service on the day or time determined by CBA for regular system inspection, expansion and replacement, and the suspension of services due to scheduled work will be announced in advance through CBA website.
(2) CBA may temporarily suspend all or part of the service without prior notice in the event of unavoidable reasons such as urgent system inspection, expansion and replacement, equipment failure, flood of service use, national emergency, power outage, etc.
(3) CBA may discontinue the provision of all or part of the service after prior notice to the member if necessary for the operation of the service, such as a reorganization of the service.

Article 13 Member’s post, etc.
(1) A post is a post, such as columns, photos, various files and links posted by members using the service.
(2) In the event of damage or other problems for the person or others due to the Member’s post, the Member shall be held responsible for this, and CBA shall not be held responsible for any special circumstances.
(3) CBA may take actions such as suspending, modifying, deleting, moving, or refusing to register, without the prior consent of the member, on the following posts:
– If the content is grossly insulting or damaging another member or third party.
– Disseminating or linking content that violates public order and morals.
– Content that promotes piracy or hacking.
– Advertising for commercial purposes.
– If the content is objectively recognized as being associated with a crime.
– Content that infringes on other users’ or third-party copyrights, etc.
– If the CBA determines that CBA does not conform to the nature of the service by private political judgment or religious opinion.
– If the post is contrary to the principle stipulated by CBA or does not conform to the nature of the bulletin board.
– When it is judged to be in violation of other relevant laws and regulations.
(4) CBA may temporarily suspend the posting when it receives a request from a third party for defamation, intellectual property rights, etc. When lawsuit between the post requester and the post registrants, such as a settlement, and the decision of the relevant authorities is made, and the CBA shall be subject to such a request.
(5) If a temporary suspension is placed on such apost, the member who registered the post may request a reposting to CBA, and the member does not request the reposting within three months from the date of the posting, CBA may delete it.

Article 14. Copyright for the post
(1) Copyright or other intellectual property rights to posts or works written by CBA belong to CBA.
(2) The copyright of the post posted by the Member in the Service belongs to the Member who posted it. However, CBA may use posts registered by Members to the extent that they are consistent with the fair practices set forth in copyright law free of charge without the member’s permission for the purpose of operating, displaying, transmitting, distributing, or promoting the Service.
– Creation of editing works within the Service that do not harm the reproduction, modification, modification, exhibition, transmission, distribution, and asset ability of member posts within the Service.
– Providing, displaying, or promoting the contents of a member’s post to a service affiliate partner such as media or telecommunications. However, in this case, CBA will not provide the Member’s personal information in addition to the user ID of the member without any consent.
(1) If CBA wishes to use the member’s post in a manner other than the previous paragraph, CBA must obtain the member’s consent in advance by telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.
(2) If a member has withered the contract, some of the posts recorded in his or her account will be retained and will be deleted upon request via landline, email or fax if the author of this account wishes to delete it. However, this does not apply to posts that have been republished or duplicated by others, posts that are combined with other people’s posts, or posts registered on public bulletin boards.

Article 15. Provision of Information
(1) CBA may provide members with information that is deemed necessary to use the Service by e-mail, letter, mail, SMS, telephone, etc.
(2) CBA may collect additional personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations with the consent of the member for the purpose of improving the service and introducing the services to the members.

Chapter 5 Termination of Contract and Restriction sacorrection

Article 17. Contract change and termination
(1) When a member wishes to terminate the contract of use, the member must cancel the membership using [My Page > Personal Information Management> Withdrawal] menu in the service.
(2) In the event of termination of the use contract, CBA shall terminate the registration of membership in accordance with the Privacy Policy of CBA. In this case, the member will be notified and given the opportunity to call the member before termination if CBA wishes to terminate the use contract in his or her own right.

Article 18. Limited use of services
CBA may limit the use of service, initiate an initialization, terminate the contract of use, and use other measures if the Member violates article 11 of this Terms and Conditions or the followings.
– Registering fraudulent content on member information, stealing other people’s user ID, password, or personal information, or dealing with or providing user ID to others.
-Send, post, e-mail or otherwise transmit, publish, text, shapes, sounds, videos, or information that violates public order and morals, obscene content, or content that may infringeon the honor or privacy of others.
– Harassing or threatening other users, or causing pain or inconvenience to certain users.
– Altering CBA’s program without being granted special rights from CBA, hacks CBA’s server, or arbitrarily alters any part or all of the website or published information.
– Reproducing information obtained through the Service for purposes other than using the Service without the prior consent of CBA, or using it for publication and broadcasting, or providing it to a third party
– If CBA’s management, employees or officials are deceived or the Member interferes the normal operation of the service such as intentionally interfering with the service, etc.
– When there is a request for correction by relevant public institutions such as the Information and Communication ethics committee.
– If you have not used the service for more than 3 months.
– Acts that violate all laws and regulations, including the Terms and Conditions, that are objectively judged to be in violation of all regulations set forth by the CBA or that they are associated with a crime.

Chapter 6 Damages and Other Matters

Article 19. Damages
(1) CBA and users shall reimburse the other party for intentional or negligence in connection with the use of the Service. However,
(2) CBA shall not be liable for any damages unless contrary to the content stipulated in the Privacy Policy in connection with the use of services provided free of charge.

Article 20. Disclaimer
(1) CBA shall be exempted from responsibility for providing the service if CBA is unable to provide the service due to natural disasters, wars, suspension of services of telecommunications carriers, and other force majeures.
(2) CBA shall be exempted from liability for damages caused by unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of service facilities.
(3) CBA shall not be held responsible in the event of damage caused by a member’s computer error, or in the event of damage by the member’s inability to provide personal information and e-mail address.
(4) CBA shall not be held responsible for the loss or loss of the benefits expected by the member using the Service, and shall not be liable for any damages caused by the data obtained from using the Service.
(5) CBA is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the information, materials, and facts posted on the Service by the member, and is not obligated to intervene in disputes arising between members and the members and third parties, and is not responsible for any damages caused by the member.
(6) CBA is not obligated to pre-examine or review the contents of the post at any time before registering the member’s post, and shall not be held responsible for the results.

Article 21. Notice
(1) If CBA shall send notices to a member, by the e-mail address registered on CBA.
(2) CBA stipulates that if an unspecified number of members has to be notified, they can be placed on notification board for more than 7days through.

Article 22. Jurisdiction and Governing Law
(1) Matters not specified in Terms and Conditions shall be subject to relevant laws and commercial practices of the Republic of Korea, such as the Telecommunications Business Act.
(2) In the event of a lawsuit arising out ofthe use of the Service, the Seoul Central District Court of The Republic of Korea shall be the competent court.

Terms and Conditions will take effect from September 1, 2019.

I have fully understood all of the above Terms and Conditions and agree to register.

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