Our history
Management staff
Sung Hee KIM (President)
1983.3 – 1987.2 B.A. Mathematics in Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea)
1991.8 – 1993. 8 Director at Woori
1993.8 – 2008.1 Director for International Promotion at Vogue Inc.
2011.9 – Present Contents Education Commissioner for Clean Contents Movement
2012.9 – 2014.8 Hallyu MBA, The Catholic University of Korea (Seoul, Korea)
2010.9 – Present President of Characterline Inc.
2010.9 – Present President of Culture Business Academy
2019.5.26 – 2019.06.07 Sunghee Kim Art Exhibition (Hondae Sangsangmadang, Seoul, Korea)
Si-Bum KIM (Academian)
1982.3 – 1986.2 BBA, Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea)
College of Business and Economics
1986.1 – 1987.8 MBA, Business School, Hofstra University (New York, USA)
1988.2 – 1991.7 Merchandisor, Samsung Corp.
1993.8 – 2008.1 President, Bokuo Corp.
2003.9 – 2005.8 Adjunct Professor, Hanyang University.
Graduate School of Business
2007.9 – 2010.8 Adjunct Professor, Hanyang University
International Culture College
1999.5 – 2010.8 President, Characterline, Inc.
Intellectual Property Marketing
2008.1 – 2010.8 President, CBA(Culture Business Academy) International
Training & Consulting for Culture Business
2010.9 – Present Professor, Andong National University
Graduate School of Creative Industry (Cultural Marketing)
2015.1 – 2017. 2 Dean, Andong National University
Graduate School of Creative Industry
1987.8 The Entrance Strategy of Multinational Corporations: The International Investment Location Decision, Master Degree Thesis at Business School of Hofstra Univ
2010.10 A Study on Licensing and Merchandising Process Model for Original Animation Producing, Gangwon Information and Multimedia Corporation
2011.12 A Promotion Plan for Traditional Cultural Industry, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, The Republic of Korea
2011.12 A Plan for Building and Operating Welfare Research Center for Senior Citizen, Uiseong-Gun County
2012.3 A Study on Online Trading System for Character Business using UCI(Universal Content Identifier), Journal of Cultural Industry
2012.12 Discussion For Cultural Contents Business utilizing Regional Heritage Resources, Humanity Contents
2012.12 Discussion For Virtuous Circle Structure of Content Industry, Humanity Contents
2013.2 Management and Operating System of Traditional Korean Style House for Accommodation Experiences, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province
2013.10 A Study on the Ability Nurturing of Cultural Contents Small and Medium Enterprises in Creative Economy, Korea Federation of Small & Medium Enterprises
2014.6 A Study on Comics Development Planning through Contemplating Lifetime of Chang-Kye-Hyang, Virtuous Woman, Journal of Culture Industry
2014.11 Business Model for Sustainable Culture and Development Cooperation, UNESCO Korea Commission
2014.11 2013 Knowledge Sharing Program with Ghana:Strategic Planning and Capacity Development “Central Region Tourism Vitalization”, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, The Republic of Korea
2016.3 A Study on Legal System regarding Traditional Culture Industry of the Republic of Korea, The Journal of Eurasian Studies
2018.4 A Study o the Legal Definition and Conception of Cultural Industry, Humanity Contents, No. 48
2018.6 Value Chain Systemization of Character Licensing Industry, Journal of Culture Industry, Vol. 18, No. 2
Young Woo KIM (Director)
2005.3 – 2008.2 Graduated Hanyoung Foreign Language High School, Major in Japanese (Seoul, Korea)
2008.3 – 2012.2 Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea)
BA Political Science and Diplomacy
Interdisciplinary Major in Cultural Theory and Criticism
Minor in History
2009.6 English Staff at Korea Media & Content Market
2010.9 – 2010.11 English Staff at G20 Summit Seoul
2010.11 – 2015.9 Intern at Culture Business Academy
2011.6 – 2011.7 Research Assistant
“Publishing Source books with Korean Studies Materials Workshop”
hosted by Advanced Centre for Korean Studies
2011.8 – 2011.9 Brand Academy by Customers Council
2011.10 – 2011.11 Research Assistant at “Korean 3D Storytelling Workshop”
hosted by Korea Creative Content Agency
2015.9 – 2016.12 MA International Cultural Policy and Management
The University of Warwick, UK
2016.4 – 2016.6 Convestival2016 Intern at National Trust, Swindon, UK
2016.7 – Present Director of Culture Business Academy
2017.3 – Present Director of Characterline Inc.
2019.5 – 2019.6 Curator of Sunghee Kim Art Exhibition
Hondae Sangsangmadang, Seoul, Korea
2012 Research Assistant for Si Bum Kim, “Discussion For Cultural Contents Business Utilising Regional Heritage Resources”, Human Contents Of Association 27, no 1 (2012): pp.171-180
2014 Research Assistant “Business Model for Sustainable Culture and Development Cooperation, UNESCO Korea Commission”
2016.7 – 16.11 Research Assistant for 『2016 Cultural Impact Assessment Research on Regeneration Plan of Junggu-dong, Andong-si』, Korea Culture and Tourism Institute
2016.9 “The Potential of the Private Actor in Korean Cultural Diplomacy – the Case of Seo Kyoung Duk” (Unpublished master‘s dissertation). The University of Warwick, UK

Email. youngwookim@culturalinstittue.net