Our history

Our history
About us
Culture Business Academy (CBA) is an institute researching on diverse culture related matters such as cultural policy, culture industry, culture education, culture contents, and more. We have been conducting researches and consultations since 1991, cooperating with various institutions including government organizations and universities.
Our history
2016. 7 –11 Conducted a research on “2016 Cultural Impact Assessment Research on Regeneration Plan of Junggu-dong, Andong-si” sponsored by Korea Culture & Tourism Institute
2016. 6 – 7 Organised “Regional forum tour for promoting Korean food” hosted by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
2013.8 – 10 Conducted a study on “A Study on the Ability Nurturing of Cultural Contents Small and Medium Enterprises in Creative Economy”
2011.10 – 2011.11 Organised “Korean 3D Storytelling Workshop” hosted by Korea Creative Content Agency
2011.7 – 12 Conducted a study on “A Plan for Building and Operating Welfare Research Center for Senior Citizen”
2011.7 – 2012.1 Organised “Cultural content experts lecture project”
2011.6 – 2011.7 Organised “Publishing Source books with Korean Studies Materials Workshop”
hosted by Advanced Centre for Korean Studies
2011.4 – 12 Job education consulting for Characterization High Schools
2010.9 – 12 Organised “Regional Storyteller Support Project” hosted by Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) and Andong University
2010.9 Ran Character experience zone and took charge in PR at International Cultural Creative Industry EXPO
2010.9 Sung Hee Kim becomes the new president
2009.10 Conducted a study on “Licensing and Merchandising Process Model for Original Animation Producing”
2008.9 – 2009.6 Conducted Culture Research Center (CRC) Project
2008.1 The company was renamed to Culture Business Academy Inc.
1993.8 – 2008.1 The company was renamed to Bogyu Inc.
1991.8 Woori Company was established in Republic of Korea

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